Judicial Biography Needed:
Every modern Supreme Court Justice becomes the subject of one or more judicial biographies. It's a different picture in the court of appeals. Circuit Court Judges occasionally become the subject of a biography, but coverage is spotty. Of course, Gerald Gunther brought us the fantastic Learned Hand biography. And other judges have also been the subjects of biographies of varying qualities, including Frank Johnson, Skelly Wright, Bill Hastie, John Biggs, and Harold Medina, just to name a few.

  But who will write a biography of Judge Henry J. Friendly? As far as I know, no one has written a biography of Friendly. But Judge Friendly probably had the most lasting influence of any Circuit Judge of the 1960s and 1970s. Also, he seems to have been a fascinating and brilliant figure. Plus, his law clerks have gone on to great prominence, making the story of the judge all the more interesting. Altogether, Judge Friendly seems like a natural subject for a biography. But is anyone planning to write one? Someone should. (Full confession: I have sometimes thought it would be cool to try myself, but I have absolutely no training in such things so I doubt I would ever try.)