"She's More a Conservative Man Than She Is a Woman on Women's Issues":

That's what Politico reports that "[a] spokeswoman for the National Organization for Women, noting Palin's opposition to abortion rights and support of other parts of the social conservative agenda, told Politico."

This sort of "not a real woman" argument strikes me as quite reprehensible, a denial of individuals' right to come to their own moral and pragmatic judgments independently of their group. To give an analogy, it would be equally reprehensible to say "he's more a white than a black" of a black who opposed race-based preferences for blacks, or to say "he's more a black than a white" of a white who supported such preferences.

But even if it's just shorthand for the statistical assertion that "her views are those shared by men much more than by women," it is, as best I can tell, simply false, at least to the item specifically mentioned in the quoted passage:

Age, education and religion each plays a strong role in informing people's views on the issue. But despite conventional wisdom, sex does not. Indeed, as usual, men and women support legal abortion in roughly equal numbers: 54 percent of men, and 58 percent of women, say it should be legal in all or most cases. In the various conditions tested, moreover, men and women express virtually identical views:

Favoring Abortion: Men Versus Women

SituationMen Women
All or Most Cases 54% 58
To Save Woman's Life 88 88
To Save Woman's Health 82 83
In Cases of Rape/Incest 80 81
Physically Impaired Baby 53 55
To End Unwanted Pregnancy 43 40
D&X/Partial-Birth Abortions 28 19
Pregnancy is 6 Months+ 15 8

So "she's more a conservative [wo]man than she is a [liberal] woman" on abortion would be accurate. "She's more a conservative woman than she is a liberal or centrist woman" would be accurate on some aspects of abortion rights questions (perhaps if she thinks abortions should be illegal when the only reason is a "physically impaired baby"), but not on other aspects (such as in her opposition to allowing abortions "to end unwanted pregnancy"). But to say "she's more a conservative man than she is a woman on women's issues" is factually inaccurate (at least if I read it right as an assertion that she votes with what is dominantly the "male view" as opposed to the "female view"), as well as reprehensible for the reasons I mentioned earlier.