"Increas[e] Student and Faculty Diversity" While "Not Admit[ting] Students Who Are Intolerant":

What a fine suggestion from Professor of Sociology Johnny Eric Williams. At least it makes quite clear what the professor means, and doesn't mean, by "diversity."

Note that the quotes are the article's paraphrases of Prof. Williams' statements, but I e-mailed Prof. Williams to ask, "Is that an accurate paraphrase of your suggestion, or did the newspaper misreport it?," and was told that the paraphrase was "in the ballpark" (with no attempt at amendment or clarification).

UPDATE: My original post was titled "Increas[e] Student and Faculty Diversity" By "Not Admit[ting] Students Who Are Intolerant"; Orin's comment led me to change the "by" to the more precise "while." Many thanks to Orin for the correction.]