McCain and Obama: Stark Contrast on Guns Rights

That's the title for my guest op-ed in this morning's Denver Post. John McCain disagrees with the NRA (and me) on the gun show issue, and he said so when he spoke at the NRA's annual member meeting this year. Barack Obama has spent the year dissimulating about his position on Second Amendment rights. Over the past several days, phone calls have even made purporting to be from the National Rifle Association, and telling voters that the NRA endorses Obama. In September, the Obama campaign used an e-mail list which had apparently been stolen from the National Shooting Sports Foundation. In previous career record, Obama is by far the most extreme anti-gun major party presidential nominee in American history. Regarding the Second Amendment, Obama's radical opposition to traditional American rights, combined with his vacuous rhetoric designed to mask his radicalism, is consistent with the Stanley Kurtz's analysis of Obama as a man of the far left.