Debating Prop 8 and its aftermath:

There's an interesting ongoing debate at The New Republic between Jeffrey Rosen and Richard Just over the litigation approach to getting gay marriage. Basically, Rosen dislikes the emphasis on litigation and Just thinks it has been valuable.

Elsewhere, the ever-wise Jon Rauch has some thoughts on how the growing protests over Prop 8 may help move attention away from courts and toward a genuine political movement. Or as he puts it, "Goodbye Thurgood Marshall, hello Martin Luther King." I hope he's right, though it's too early to tell how much staying power these protests are going to have in the absence of concrete results. One big difference I see: MLK led the black civil rights movement from churches. We're picketing them.

UPDATE: The L.A. Times weighs in, cataloguing the mistakes of the No on 8 campaign.