The Atlas Global Initiative:
The Cato Institute Center for the Promotion of Human Rights is now The Atlas Global Initiative for Free Trade, Peace and Prosperity. Its mission statement says the Initiative
seeks to increase the understanding of ideas and policies based on the inalienable human rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It offers a human-rights-based alternative to coercive ideologies worldwide by showing the justice and the practical benefits of personal liberty and limitations on state power. The Initiative creates, manages, and promotes products and programs in a number of languages and encourages worldwide cooperation among those who understand and value liberty.
As a result of this shift, Tom Palmer has now moved from The Cato Institute to the Atlas Foundation. Tom has been spreading libertarian ideas by traveling throughout the world to help identify and support local libertarians ("liberals" in Europe) since before the fall of the USSR. I wish him and his new endeavor all the best. Here is a video explaining the new organization.

Hat tip: Laura Barnett