Cert Petition and Reply Briefs in the AmeriSource Takings Case:

Last year, Orin Kerr and I had an extensive debate on the VC over AmeriSource Corp. v. United States, an important case in which the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Takings Clause does not require the government to compensate innocent property owners for destroying their possessions by seizing them in the course of a criminal investigation.

Interested readers may want to know that AmeriSource has filed a cert petition to the Supreme Court. Columbia University Law Professor Ronald Mann, counsel for AmeriSource, has posted the cert petition. the government's opposition brief, and AmeriSource's reply brief. For the reasons I discussed in the original series of posts on AmeriSource, I think this is an important issue, and I hope that the Court decides to hear the case.

UPDATE: I have corrected the flawed link to the opposition brief.