Sunday Song Lyric:
While procrastinating on a symposium paper on standing in the Roberts Court, I surfed through song lyrics with "stand" or "standing" in the title, and quickly turned up a gem from 1981: "Stand and Deliver" by Adam and the Ants. Though not at all relevant to my paper, this song is a "new romantic" classic. A "stylist's manifesto" that topped the UK charts and helped the band secure a Grammy nomination. Here's a taste:

We're the dandy highwaymen so tired of excuses
Of deep meaning philosophies where only showbiz loses
We're the dandy highwaymen and here's our invitation
Throw your safety overboard and join our insect nation

Stand and deliver,
Your money or your life
Try and use a mirror,
No bullet or a knife

Even though you fool your soul
Your conscience will be mine, all mine.
Alas, Adam soon tired of his bandmates and went solo, perhaps eliminating a two-drummer trend before it even started. Here are the full lyrics, video (opening with Adam's trademark makeup application), and a live performance.