Nightmares of Legal Academics:
From Jacqueline Lipton, a law professor at Case, it's about the law review placement process:
A few weeks ago, I had a dream nightmare that I became deathly ill in the middle of the submission season and was unable to continue expediting my pieces. In the dream, I asked a colleague (the one who dared encouraged me to write this) if he would take over the expediting process for me. He kindly did so and placed both pieces, but he couldn't remember where he had placed them and couldn't find any record of his communications with the journals. He knew the articles were going to be published in the fall, but the doctors said I wouldn't make it that long. So I was left knowing that I was going to die without ever finding out if I had finally cracked the Top 10.
  I haven't had any law review dreams that I remember, but I did recently have a computer search and seizure law dream. I was at my parents' house, and the police knocked on the door and asked to come in. Someone let them in (mom, maybe? I'm not sure), and then the police proceeded to pick up and take away my parents' desktop computer. I asked them what they were doing, and they told me that we had consented: Having agreed to let them in, we had consented to let them take the computer away. I responded that this was totally wrong, because the scope of consent test is what a "typical reasonable person" would think the exchange meant (Florida v. Jimeno), and it was ridiculous to think that consent to enter a home was the same as consent to take away a computer. The police shrugged and took the computer away anyway.

  I think the meaning of the dream is that I really need to write that article I have in mind on consent to search computers. Either that, or I need to take a vacation.