Obama too far left? End the Cuba embargo? Right and Left bloggers disagree:

In this week's National Journal poll of political bloggers, the first question was: "What is your top concern in how President Obama has dealt with Congress in his first 100 days?" On the Left, 68 percent said, in effect, that he has not been strongenough with Congress -- either that he has not provided enough direction, or that he has been too accommodating. On the Right, the overwhelming vote was that Obama "has governed too much from the left."

That was my vote, along with this comment: "A bold and transformative agenda to use today's economic problems as a pretext for the federal government taking vastly greater control of American economic life."

Question 2 was "Should Congress repeal the trade embargo on Cuba this year?" One hundred percent on the Left thought so, as 35 percent on the right.

I voted No, with the explanation "Repeal if and only if repeal advocates can present a plan in which repeal can help lead to the destruction of the Castro tyranny, and the Obama administration is willing to implement the plan."