Talking Points Reminders:
With the news that Justice Souter is retiring, it might be a good time remind everyone of their talking points for the months ahead.

Republicans first:
The Supreme Court is losing a Republican nominee who has often been a swing vote. He has been a one-case-at-a-time jurist in the tradition of Justice Harlan. We need to be very careful about shifting the Court too far to the left, turning back the clock to the 1960s. Balance is essential, and Obama should nominate someone who was essentially a centrist like Justice Souter.
Democrats next:
President Bush stocked the Supreme Court with extreme conservatives like John Roberts and Samuel Alito. The Supreme Court hasn't had a a real progressive in decades, and it is time to have just one to balance out the Four Hoursemen of Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito. Besides, Justice Souter has been a reliable liberal vote, and another liberal vote won't actually change the outcome of any cases. Balance is essential, so Obama should nominate some who will balance out the court's conservatives.
Did I miss anything? Feel free to add additional talking points in the comment thread.