Outsiders Voting in Ohio - Update:

TheColumbus Dispatch reports that three campaign workers from out of state who registered and voted in Ohio have been fined, given suspended sentences, and placed on probation. I covered this case last fall in these posts. The story also notes that another individual pled guilty for voting twice, and the Franklin County elections board sent several dozen other cases of suspected vote fraud to the county prosecutor.

UPDATE: Speaking of election fraud, Nevada officials are charging ACORN and two organization employees with multiple felonies related to voter registration fraud allegations. The charges were announced by the state's Attorney General and Secreatary of State, both Democrats.

UPDATE: The actual complaint only includes charges against ACORN and ACORN employees for compensating canvassers for collecting voter registrations. My initial characterization that the charges were "related to voter registration fraud allegations" was accurate, however, because (as the story notes) the charges resulted from an investigation that was triggered by the discovery of apparently fraudulent registrations by the Clark County Registrar of Voters. Further, the State Attorney General (a Democrat), called this "a case of registration fraud" and explained: "By structuring employment and compensation around a quota system, ACORN facilitated voter registration fraud in this state." No one is claiming any election was stolen, or that the results were illegitimate.