Left/Right bloggers split on whether Cheney helping Republicans. Bright futures for Jindal, Schweitzer, Granholm

This week's National Journal poll of political bloggers asked "Has Dick Cheney helped or hurt the Republican Party since leaving office?" One hundred percent of the Left bloggers thought he was hurting the Republicans, while 3/4 of the Right bloggers thought he was helping. My comment: "Every time Cheney shows his face in public, the Angry Left and the media suffer a relapse of Bush Derangement Syndrome, which keeps them energized in their role as Obama's base. Nevertheless, Cheney is speaking truth to power about Obama's dangerous policies on national security, and providing an important counterpoint to Obama's glib, shallow assertions."

Question two was "Who among your party's current crop of governors has the brightest political future?" On the Right, Bobby Jindal was the winner. On the Left, Brian Schweitzer and Jennifer Granholm tied for first. As the only Democrat among the Right bloggers, I voted for Ted Strickland.