Congress Votes to Change the Weather.

As you undoubtedly know by now, Congress voted on Friday to change the weather — or more accurately, the climate. The idea that a government of one country could appreciably change the world's climate over the next 40 years is the ultimate hubris. Legislators may think they are God, but they're not.

The blogger Maxed Out Mama captures the silliness:

This is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen in my lifetime.

Let's hope it can be stopped in the Senate. Even if it is, our nation has lost something here, and that something is the principal legislative body's grasp on reality. It is as if the House of Representatives suddenly passed a vote to reduce gravity by 10 percent in order to lessen the costs of obesity to putatively cut Medicare costs in the future. Truly amazing.

A few months ago, if someone had to figure out a way to spend as much money and create as few jobs as possible, the Stimulus Bill would be pretty much the ideal piece of legislation.

With the Climate Bill, if someone had to waste as much money and destroy as many jobs and as much wealth as possible — and still have only a trivial effect on the environment — the Climate Bill would be pretty much the ideal piece of legislation.

PS: I was surprised how good much of the Republican debate in the House was. Many of the Representatives understood what was happening and seemed well prepared. Certainly, their grasp of the science was better than that of the Democrats who spoke.