A 230 mpg Hybrid -- and It's a Chevrolet:

General Motors claims its new Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid will get a whopping 230 miles per gallon in city driving, over four times more than the current leader, the Toyota Prius. GM readily admits that the Volt will not perform as well in highway driving, when the vehicle will rely more on its engine on such trips, so its overall mpg will be lower, but it could still be the first vehicle to obtain triple-digit mileage numbers.

A car with triple-digit mpg? What's not to like? Even with tax credits, many will find the cost to be a bit high. When the Volt appears in showrooms next year, it will sell for for approximately $40,000. In addition, there are still questions about battery life and range. 230 mpg in the city won't be much to shout about if the vehicle can't travel that far on a single charge. Nonetheless, the Volt does appear to be a significant breakthrough in vehicle technology.