So You Work for a Human Rights NGO

whose integrity is under attack in the blogosphere. Unfortunately, no one wants to defend the subject of the latest attack, your Nazi-obsessed, anti-Israel military analyst. There's only one thing to do! Resort to sock-puppetry.

Sure, if you're discovered it will add to the growing impression that your organization is dishonest and unprofessonial, but those evil Zionists would never be clever enough to trace your URL back to Human Rights Watch...

UPDATE: When I say no one, I mean no one. Even sympathetic leftists M.J. Rosenberg and Helena Cobban (who sits on HRW's Middle East advisory board) are abandoning HRW on this one. Okay, not quite no one; it's HRW, its sock puppets, and Professor Kevin Jon Heller of University of Melbourne, who shills for HRW at every opportunity (while usually failing to mention his work for HRW on Iraq, assumedly with the very same Middle East staff he defends from criticism), against the world (and common sense).

ANOTHER UPDATE: And HRW has lost another past knee-jerk defender, Matt Duss. [And add Daniel Levy, too.]

MORE UPDATE: This may not be HRW's first experience with sock-puppeting.