Left/Right could support health bill with tort reform. Lefts wants out of Aghanistan; Right wants it:

This week's National Journal poll of political bloggers asked, "Could you see yourself supporting health care reform if it included tort reform"? Sixty-two percent of the Right and 50% of the Left said "yes." (With 36% "no" and 14% maybe.) The Right actually liked tort reform, while the Left was willing to accept it as an unpleasant price to pay.

I wrote: "Sure. Depends on what else is in the bill. The more that it removes restrictions on consumer choice, without imposing new taxes or additional spending, the better."

Question 2 was "Do you want U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan to rise, fall, or hold fairly steady in the coming months?" Sixty-three percent of the Right wanted a rise, while 72% of the Left wanted a fall. I was pro-rise: ""Losing Afghanistan to the Taliban would be a catastrophe. Vietnam was an important strategic loss, but Vietnam did not turn into a base for terrorist attacks on Americans. The dominos that fell with Vietnam did not include countries with nuclear arsenals which might be turned over to terrorists for attacks on the West. Support the president!"