Kampeas on Greenwald on Podhoretz:

Ron Kampeas of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (who I think is rather politically liberal himself, and whose posts are generally very mild-mannered):

So [Glenn] Greenwald is either infuriated into delusion or is willfully lying when he [claims that Podhoretz wrote that]"even though Obama shares most of their views on political matters. . . American Jews should have nonetheless voted for McCain because of McCain's 'alleged long history of sympathy with Israel'".... This is the kind of misreading that would get Greenwald booted out of a suburban weekly (or might otherwise earn Greenwald an excoriation from, well, himself), and the same is true of his sloppy ellisions, from Podhoretz to the entire neoconservative movement."

Kampeas goes on, in a post well worth reading, especially if you've been persuaded by Greenwald's attacks on neoconservatives.

Let me add that I am not a neoconservative, but I find worse than distasteful the consistent willful distortion by the likes of Greenwald of the neocon's general belligerent, militaristic, pro-democracy, pro-Western, anti-radical Islam views into a Jewish cabal dedicated to the promotion of Israel. (Joe Klein memorably described neoconservatism as "unilateral bellicosity cloaked in the utopian rhetoric of freedom and democracy;" accurate, except I would say it's not a cloak, it's what they believe they are fighting for.) For my previous posts on related matters, see here and here.

I'll reiterate what I said in the latter post: "The purpose, then, of associating 'neocons' with Jews, and neoconservatism exclusively or primarily with concern for Israel, is to delegitimize conservative Jews, just as conservative blacks are called 'Uncle Toms' and whatnot."