Sasha, pensive with apple, summer 1978, breakfast room of our house on Bronson Ave. Vladimir, Eugene, and Sasha, and Anne's beret and disembodied hand, early 1977. Sasha draped over Eugene, summer 1976, our first apartment on Laurel Ave.

My (maternal) grandfather, Isaak Glouberman, 1950s. My (maternal) grandmother, Ida Glouberman (Izarova), c. 1936-37. My grandmother, 1950s. Anne's cousin Ida Berman, Anne's (maternal) grandmother Paulina Izarova, and Anne herself, 1946, in a buckwheat field at a dacha in a Ukrainian village.

Anne, 1945, right after the return from evacuation in Siberia (Kazakhstan), looking sideways at something. Anne, 1942, in Kuibyshev (now Samara) (in evacuation). Two-line note on the back: "Ania lovit b / abochek" ("Ania is catching b / utterflies").

Ida (grandmother), 1917. Ida (grandmother) with a funny hat, in an art nouveau chair, with Polish nanny Rosalia, 1913. Adults: Ida's aunt Fania Baivel', and an anonymous governess. Children: Ida (grandmother, labeled "ialpats" or "heron" ["tsaplia"] backwards), Ida's half-sister Liuba (Liubov'), Ida's older stepbrother Liotsa (Lev, labeled "tsatsa" or "fusspot"), 1912, at a dacha near Kursk.

Vladimir doing gymnastics, at Kiev Government University, early 1960s. Nine point seven! Vladimir with Eugene near a statue of a heron, 1971, Kiev. Sasha trying to brush Eugene's hair with the wrong side of the brush, summer 1974, Kiev, at our apartment on 10 Lenin Street (apt. 36). Vladimir's disembodied hand.

Sasha wielding the brush with Vladimir, summer 1974, Kiev, 10 Lenin Street. Vladimir, Anne, Sasha, Eugene, summer 1974, Kiev, 10 Lenin Street.

Vladimir, Sasha practicing kung fu, and Eugene, next to the wood-burning stove, in front of map of Poland with coats of arms, early 1974, Kiev, 10 Lenin Street. Sasha with pacifier, early 1974, Kiev, 10 Lenin Street.

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