Alexander "Sasha" Volokh
Food and drug policy

Software Pirates Reason, November 1997 -- about FDA regulation of computer software as "medical devices"
Pruning the FDA National Review, August 11, 1997 -- about FDA regulation of health information
King of cave-in saved FDA Sunday Sun-Journal (Lewiston, Me.), December 22, 1996 -- about the resignation of FDA Commissioner David Kessler
Case of Sour Grapes Shows Suing the FDA Doesn't Pay Knight-Ridder Financial News, January 4, 1996 -- about how the FDA destroyed a Chilean grape harvest
A "Private FDA" to Evaluate Medical Devices? Privatization Watch, January 1996 -- about a private organization that independently evaluates medical technology
Without a Cure The Defender, July 1995 -- about prospects for FDA reform in the wake of the Republican takeover of Congress
FDA May Contract Out Drug and Device Approvals Privatization Watch, July 1995
Clinical Trials: Beating the FDA in Court Reason, May 1995 -- cover story, about companies that have fought the FDA in court and won; click here for letters to the editor in the August 1995 issue of Reason responding to the article
Is the FDA saving or costing lives? Oakland Tribune, April 18, 1995
Comparable Hurt Reason, February 1995 -- letter to the editor responding to an article about the FDA
Left To Their Own Devices Reason, January 1995 -- brief piece about the push for FDA medical-device user fees
Leaving Us to Our Own Devices RT: The Journal for Respiratory Care Practitioners, December/January 1995 -- arguing against medical device user fees for the FDA
Feel a Heart Attack Coming? Go to France Wall Street Journal, August 2, 1994 -- about how the FDA has not approved a life-saving medical device that is standard in France
Udder Nonsense CEI UpDate, April 1994 -- about the debate over rbST, a bovine growth hormone

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