Friedrich August von Hayek songs (1996)
Alexander "Sasha" Volokh

Serfdom USA
(sung to the tune of "Surfin' USA" by the Beach Boys)

We're doing battle with statists
Across the USA,
'Cause everybody's reading Hayek,
The man from Austri-ay --
In spontaneous order
We let the market play,
With the writer Fred Hayek,

We use the signals of prices
And then we'll be O.K.,
'Cause no one knows what's efficient
Unless they have to pay;
If we replace that with planning
Like once in Russ-i-ay, [pronounced "Rush-Eye-Ay"]
We'll take the road to serfdom --
Serfdom USA.

[Backup singers should at this point start singing, "Serfdom, serfdom USA, Friedrich H-A-Y-E-K."]

We still have government bureaus,
Just like the FDA, [replace with three-letter agency of your choice ending in A]
But the welfare state mindset
Will soon become passe.
Ayn Rand said he was evil,
Which makes him A-O.K. --
Friedrich August von Hayek, H-A-Y-E-K.

The Hayek Song
(sung to the tune of the "Log" song from Ren & Stimpy)

Who's read in college,
Deals with the problem of knowledge,
Is better than riding a kayak?
He's smarter than Mises,
We love him to pieces,
He's Hayek, Hayek, Hayek.
He's Hayek! He's Hayek!
He's von; he's August; he's Fred.
He's Hayek! He's Hayek!
He isn't alive; he's dead!
Everyone's reading Hayek.
You're gonna love him, Hayek.

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