Renaud Fournier, Laura Kieley, and Father Don Savoie.

Renaud, holding a great white shark he caught with his bare hands. "We need a bigger boat."

Renaud, shaking hands with the back of my head.

Shrouded in darkness, I lunge for the garter. Victory is mine!

Laurent Delsol and Kim Penney.

Fiona Murray with Eric.

Spiderman captures Laura.

Renaud's parents, Lionel and Annie Fournier, with Renaud's niece Julie Margaca.

Parents Fournier with Renaud's niece Caroline Margaca.

Laura's father Robert Kieley eating a leafy vegetable.

Laura, surrounded by Caroline and Julie on the inside and by Kim and Judy Conde on the outside.

Fiona Murray.

Fiona Murray's cousin Itt.

In a feat of superhuman strength, Caroline lifts Kim.

Caroline, possessed by the forces of Evil.

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