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A Few Zimmerman-Related Notes

I. For most of its history, the ACLU opposed separate state and federal prosecutions for the same acts as unconstitutional double jeopardy. If I’m remembering correctly, the ACLU abandoned this position under the pressure of the egregious facts of the Rodney King case, but by an extremely close vote with much controversy. Apparently, the ACLU has now fully abandoned this position without any significant controversy, as witnessed by its press release stating that “it is imperative that the Department of Justice thoroughly examine whether the Martin shooting was a federal civil rights violation or hate crime.” The ACLU used to be primarily a civil liberties organization, albeit one dominated by a liberal worldview. It has gradually become a liberal pressure group with some (and declining) interest in civil liberties.

II. With all the hullabaloo over the Not Guilty verdict, let’s not forget the serious accusations of prosecutorial misconduct that have been leveled against prosecutor Angela Corey. Prosecutors get away with such conduct way too often, and it’s the most vulnerable members of society who are typically their victims.

III. I’ve seen a lot of commentary by people upset with the verdict to the effect that if the races were reversed, a black Zimmerman would have been convicted for murdering a “white” Martin. That’s a good argument against the verdict only if you think there was sufficient evidence for the jury to convict the real Zimmerman beyond a reasonable doubt, which IMHO there wasn’t, not even close. And if there wasn’t sufficient evidence, I would hope it wouldn’t make anyone feel better to put multi-racial (or even “white”) Zimmerman in jail just because that person believes that a black Zimmerman would have been unjustly convicted on similar evidence, just to even things out. A better lesson would be to consider [...]

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