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Prof. Eric Muller (UNC Law School), IsThatLegal? Weblog:  "[T]akes a tough enterprise and makes it simpler -- much simpler. . . .  I think it's a must-have not just for 2L's gearing up for their student notes or 3L's scampering about in search of a seminar topic.  I think it's a must-have for all law students, including--perhaps especially--1Ls who are biting their nails over how to get started on their first memo assignment."

Matthew Herrington,  "If you have a sibling, a child, a friend, even a distant acquaintance, in law school or trying to get something published in a legal publication, buy them a copy of Academic Legal Writing.  Sit there and force them to read it . . . ."

Prof. Michael Madison (University of Pittsburgh School of Law), 65 U. Pitt. L. Rev. 63 (2003):  "[A]n engaging, witty, and extremely useful book for the aspiring student note and article writer that is based . . . on the model of scholarship that Volokh himself has so successfully pursued."

Prof. Jack Balkin (Yale Law School), Balkinization Weblog:  "I'd recommend it to any law student . . . ."

Prof. Rich Bales (Northern Kentucky Law School), Student Lawyer Magazine:  "[U]nique.  Not only does the book describe how to write a paper worthy of publication (and therefore, almost by definition worthy of an A in a seminar class), but it also describes how to get your paper published."

Unsolicited Praise from Professors:

Prof. Norm Garland, Southwestern School of Law: "I have given it to a number of my students . . . .  Everyone has been extremely grateful for the recommendation. . . .  [O]ur Law Review has [also] adopted it as required reading . . . ."

Prof. Eric Goldman, Marquette University Law School: "[A] great guide for the paper-writing process."

Dean Bruce W. Green, Liberty University Law School:  "[A]n exceptionally helpful book on academic legal writing that should be read by all new law students."

Prof. Jessica Litman, Wayne State University Law School:  "[U]seful, down-to-earth advice on writing seminar papers and law review notes."

Prof. Tom Mayo, SMU School of Law:  "[W]ithout peer."


Paul Brest, Dean emeritus, Stanford Law School:  "Professor Volokh's elegant book is his own best example of academic writing that is both really useful and a good read.  In an engaging, witty and lucid style, he provides student writers with practical advice at every stage -- from selecting a topic to negotiating editorial changes -- and also addresses fundamental ethical concerns.  Not only students but many of their professors would benefit from his savvy observations and advice."

Prof. Michael Dorf, Columbia Law School:  "Now there's no excuse for rambling, poorly reasoned, and question-begging student papers.  By providing astute advice on everything from soup to nuts, Volokh has performed a great service for his readers -- and for the lucky professors and editors that compose the audience for their written work."

[Publisher's Note:   Michael  Dorf is listed as tied for #1 in Brian Leiter's list of 50 Most Cited Faculty Who Entered Teaching Since 1992]  

Prof. Jeffrey Rosen, George Washington University Law School, and Legal Affairs Editor, The New Republic:  "Professor Volokh offers law students precisely the kind of useful advice about academic legal writing that they are most likely to need and least likely to get in law school. His guide is lively, practical, and entirely unique. I highly recommend it."

Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief, Black's Law Dictionary:  "Aided and abetted by Judge Alex Kozinski, Eugene Volokh has written a fabulous book -- in fact, the best ever in its field.  Heed it closely if you want to make the grade."

Prof. Diane Penneys Edelman, Assistant Dean for Legal Writing, Villanova University School of Law:  "Professor Volokh's text grabs and keeps the reader's attention -- just like the articles and seminar papers he exhorts law students to write.  He offers writers plain-spoken and practical but intelligent advice on how to find and test a topic, and research and write a great article or paper. He also clearly guides the writer to undertake the difficult parts of writing like source-checking, use of proof and avoidance of plagiarism. His ability to distill knowledge from his own broad experience into reader-friendly, sound advice for law students makes Academic Legal Writing a great resource."

Prof. Darby Dickerson, Vice Dean, Professor of Law, and Director of Legal Research and Writing, Stetson University College of Law:  "Professor Volokh's new book fills a notable gap in the field of legal scholarship. He provides detailed answers to the 'how,' 'when,' and 'why' questions with which new scholars struggle. Professor Volokh also is to be congratulated for the attention he pays to the ethics of academic writing, which is an important but often overlooked topic."






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