What if I had been a law professor in 1935?

While this is certainly a question that no-one is asking, there is an answer. The latest episode of Colorado Inside-Out, from Colorado Public Television channel 12 in Denver, is our annual “time machine” program. This year’s show is set in 1935. I’m Westminster Law School bankruptcy professor Israel Ben Koplowitz. Patricia Calhoun (real-life publisher of the weekly Westword newspaper) plays Denver Post heiress Helen Bonfils. Kevin Flynn, of the late Rocky Mountain News, plays the great Rocky Mountain News reporter Robert Chase. Dani Newsum, like me, plays a fictional predecessor of her present self. We discuss the Dust Bowl, the New Deal, Colorado’s attempt to limit immigration from Oklahoma and Mexico, the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, and other topics.

Sound engineer Larry Patchett did a fantastic job. The show is recorded with authentic microphones from the thirties, and those of you with acute hearing will notice the difference.