The Socialism of Fools


The head of the National Union of Students [Aaron Porter] had to be led to safety from a tuition fees rally he had been due to address after being surrounded by protesters chanting anti-semitic insults at him….

Mr Porter has faced growing opposition from more militant sections of the student protest movement, which have called on the NUS to take a more radical stance against Government education spending cuts and increases in tuition fees.

And evidence that the frequent anti-Semitism apparent in the British far-left’s anti-Zionist discourse is seeping into other contexts.

UPDATE: There is apparently some debate as to whether the protesters were chanting “you’re ****ing Tory Jew” or “you’re a ****ing Tory too.” Obviously, many hear the former, or they wouldn’t have responded with “no to racism.”

Meanwhile, the Harry’s Place blog reports that Mr. Porter confirms that “just before the march started, I was surrounded by a particularly vicious minority of protesters more intent on shouting threatening and racist abuse at me rather than focusing on the issues.”