Thoughts on Ten Years of Blogging

I realized recently that I joined the Volokh Conspiracy a little over ten years ago. The blog started in April 2002, but I joined in late October of that year. A few thoughts on ten years of blogging:

1. When I started posting, I did not expect that I would still be blogging ten years later. Surely I would have found something better to do with my time! I guess not.

2. The blog today is pretty similar to what it was back in 2002. Perhaps the biggest change was the addition of comment threads starting (gradually) in 2005. But other than that, it’s the same basic blog.

3. It’s interesting how many bloggers have come and gone over the years. (Remember Philippe de Croy?) I tried breaking away myself in 2006, but my solo effort didn’t last for very long.

4. Most importantly, thanks for reading.