$26,000 For the Hurricane Relief Efforts:
Great news — twenty-five members and groups of the VC community have pledged to match my donation to the hurricane relief efforts. That means that each of us will be giving $1,000 to the charity of our choice that is helping with the relief efforts, for a total of $26,000. I'll be making my donation to the Red Cross shortly.

  Our effort obviously is just a molecule in a drop in the bucket for a tragedy of this size, but at least it's a start. My personal thanks to everyone who has participated. And if you're a VC reader and are interested in matching with a $1,000 donation of your own, please let me know; it would be great if our $26,000 start continues to grow.
Chris C. (mail):
Well, I've made my portion of the pooled donation.
9.1.2005 12:21pm
Franco (mail):
I'll be #27
9.1.2005 3:08pm
Eric Pickup (mail):
I can't manage to do $1000 but I've donated $500. I've called on other non-Americans in other forums to step up too.
9.1.2005 10:44pm