The Sound of One Hard Drive Failing:

Listen to this — it's the winning entry in a competition to make the most interesting musical track based entirely on sounds made by failing hard drives on Hitachi computers. [Hitachi, it turns out, had posted the various sounds its failing drives make as a troubleshooting guide for users . . .] Seriously. See the description of the contest at the Gizmodo Gadgets weblog. It's quite a lovely little piece of ambient music ... [and thanks to J. Lewis for pointing me here]

Guest2 (mail):
Thanks for the link; it's very cool. There's an interesting essay by Jacques Barzun in which he argues that all music is program music, because we are always imposing our idea of form on sounds.
2.15.2006 9:09am
Cornellian (mail):
Now this is the kind of tangent we need every now and then to break up the monotony of endless legal stuff.

And I'm still wondering what happened to the Sunday "what's on your mind" open post.
2.15.2006 10:40am
Reminds me of the program that played music on the commodore 64's 1541 floppy disk drive by moving the drive heads into various positions which generated the humming sounds for the music. I believe that song was "Daisy, Daisy...."
2.15.2006 11:47am