Another Reason to Like the Danish Government:

Agora reports:

Danish politicians have shown a remarkable amount of backbone in the case of Abdul Rahman who is on trial in Afghanistan for having converted from Islam to Christianity.

Read the post for the details; some of the statements seem somewhat undiplomatic, and there's always the danger that they'll therefore be counterproductive -- but sometimes being too diplomatic can be counterproductive, too.

Richard Aubrey (mail):
Rebecca West, in her "Black Lamb and Gray Falcon" reminisced about the dark days of late summer, 1940.
She spoke about people stopping to really look at roses and children. As if to remember what really was before we go down into the dark.
And she said we picked up our old courage and found it still fit our hands.
Perhaps the Danes have found what I hope others find, that the first time you're brave is the toughest. After that, it becomes easier.
3.23.2006 10:53am