Our Parochial Conspiracy:

Yes, it's true, almost all our readers are from the U.S. (and it's also true that determining a user's location from his IP address is not 100% reliable). But it's still a cool map.

Longneck (mail):
I'm the one from (Wisconsin). I think it's interesting that my IP address is resolving from the Milwaukee Central Office of AT&T (nee SBC, nee Ameritech, nee Wisconsin Bell).

I live in Pleasant Prairie, which is located in the SE Corner of the state. I share your comments with a number of active duty soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Keep up the great work!

Doug Snow
4.4.2006 8:15pm
Syd (mail):
Omigod you know where I live!

I seem to be the only one in this vicinity, but I'm not half as lonely as that poor poster stuck out in the middle of the Amazon jungle.
4.4.2006 8:26pm
Syd (mail):
He's not there anymore. Damn those piranhas!
4.4.2006 8:27pm
froz (mail):
You are correct, sort of. My address appears to come from some central node of my ISP, but then I never go anywhere without an anonymous proxy except this once.

Anyone else from this address is a Satan-worshipping liar!
4.4.2006 8:47pm
Charles Chapman (mail) (www):
I see you also use Extreme tracking -- the Globe with the "EKG" circle around it at the bottom of the page. I use that also (along with Sitemeter). The thing I find interesting using Extreme Tracking is the cumulative country statistics.

For example,at my site only 48% of the visitors are from the U.S. Canada addes only another 4%. My "North America" number is 52%.

As it has evolved, my weblog primarily covers Iraqi Kurdistan. Perhaps significantly, I get very few hits from Middle East, but many hits from Europe, and particularly Northern Europe. This may show the effects of immigration.

I'm also a member of an online Kurdish social community, Viva Kurdistan. Other than me, it appears the members are all Kurds. Interestingly, it appears the vast majority also log on from Northern Europe. Again, this be an effect of immigration.

I just created a new page for publication of a book written in Kurdish by an Iraqi Kurd, and has been publicized on websites primarily devoted to Kurdistan. Again, the vast majority of my visitors on that site are from Northern Europe.
4.4.2006 8:55pm
Mobius (mail):
What?! Electronic Surviellance without a warrant?! It's amazing we allow so much information about ourselves fall in the hands of private companies and individuals.
4.4.2006 8:58pm
It's interesting to see where some of the hits are coming from: Clark County library, someone in the Dominican Republic, someone in Australian government...
4.4.2006 9:14pm
SteveMG (mail):
Neat, there I am near Mobile, Alabama.

If you look closely, you'll see the pickup truck on concrete cinder blocks in my front yard.

[I've lived down here for about 6 years and I've yet to see that; not saying it doesn't happen, just that it's not as common as Maureen Dowd may believe]

4.4.2006 9:15pm
Wintermute (mail) (www):
I was about to be jealous of your Aussie hit, but then I ran mine and my latest was a Kiwi! Nyah nyah.

My traffic went way up for a couple of days when I had a popular plant on the Nation and that Geo. Wash. link here, the latter which drew several IP's from the US Courts and Admin Ofc. of the Courts, Wash DC. Whoever you were, ty ty.

The post of mine that gets search-engined the most is TV News Babes.
4.4.2006 9:46pm
Jared K.:
Not always accurate, but for those of us with .edu addresses, it hits the latitude and longitude just right.
4.4.2006 10:22pm
Doc (mail):
I'm the guy in China. It may look like Hong Kong, but it's Shenzhen.
4.4.2006 11:40pm
Just Sayin:
"determining a user's location from his IP address is not 100% reliable"

"determining a user's location from an IP address is not 100% reliable" works grammatically too
4.5.2006 12:01am
Clearly the work of the Trilateral Commission :) A very very cool map and given the central themes posted & discussed, it makes sense that hits would be US-centric. Pity that so much of the rest of the world is missing-out!
4.5.2006 12:02am
Nonzenze (mail):
I would be that single lonely hit from the Pacific Northwest (

Oregon would seem like a natural fit for you guys. Low taxes (36/50)*, decriminalized drugs and assisted suicide for when you just can't take it anymore (ok, you need two doctors and to be actually dying but the point is still there).

Also, fresh salmon.

4.5.2006 1:03am
ChrisPer (mail):
Hey! Omigosh! There I am! The one in Perth, Western Australia!

Maybe the one is ASIS googling MEEEEE!
4.5.2006 4:03am
Steve Waldman (mail) (www):
Hi from Constanta, Romania! This really does feel like being on TV.
4.5.2006 6:21am
Eric Mortensen (www):
I normally use Google Reader feed to read your entries, so I probably don't show up, but here's one from Norway, anyway.
4.5.2006 5:40pm
DVH (mail):
Hello. I'm from a small town in the north of England. This is not very exotic, I know.
4.5.2006 7:06pm
John Lederer (mail):
"determining a user's location from his IP address is not 100% reliable"

"determining a user's location from an IP address is not 100% reliable" works grammatically too

But the two sentences do not mean the same thing. Use of "one's" might be both grammatical, and arguably, the same in meaning as the first sentence.
4.5.2006 10:36pm
DDWWBB (mail):
The Spanish link, me, is really an American working in Madrid

Sorry to make the map less exotic
4.6.2006 12:57pm