Journal on Firearms & Public Policy now accepting submissions

I am the Editor of an interdisciplinary academic journal, the Journal on Firearms and Public Policy. The Journal is now accepting submissions for its next volume, our 18th year of publication. Some sample issues, in PDF, are here. (We hope eventually to put all volumes on-line.) Because we are interdisciplinary, articles may be written in a variety of academic and citation styles, including law, history, social science, philosophy, and so forth. The JFPP's circulation is vastly larger than most academic journals. If you would like to submit an article, or send a query about possible submission, please write me at the e-mail link on the lower-left column of my website.

Big Jim McBob (mail):
That journal sure blowed up good! Reeeaaall good!
4.5.2006 2:50pm
ChrisPer (mail):
Just popped over for a look. Is there an issue since 2002? Whatever, the writers have a lot in common with me - prolixity for a start. For a pretty damn fine board, I would like to add another - Professor Strunk.
4.6.2006 1:16am
Robert Racansky:
Earlier articles, mostly in HTML format, can be found here.
4.6.2006 11:31am