Sunday Song Lyric:
It's Saint Patrick's Day weekend, and if had been in Boston I would have tried to catch one of the Dropkick Murphy's celebrated St. Patty's shows. Given I was home in Hudson, Ohio, making corned beef and cabbage for my wife's family, I figured I'd share some Dropkick Murphy joy with the VC readership.

I won't pretend for a minute that their lyrics are particularly profound, but it's hard not to love this Irish-Celtic-Punk band. As the band explains their mission:

The bands' main goal is to play music that creates an all for one, one for all environment where everyone is encouraged to participate, sing along, and hopefully have a good time. In the true spirit of punk rock we view the band and the audience as one in the same; in other words our stage and our microphone are yours.
One of their (many) fun raucous drinking songs is "The Dirty Glass" off of the album Blackout. Here's a performance of it from the Jimmy Kimmel show, and here's how the lyrics begin:
Murphy, Murphy, darling dear
I long for you now night and day
Your pain was my pleasure, your sorrow my joy
I feel now I've lost you to health and good cheer

Darcy, when I met you I was five years too young
A boy beyond his age, or so I'd tell someone
Anyone who'd listen and a few who couldn't care
Still I welcomed you with open arms, my love I did share

Darcy, Darcy darling dear,
You left me dying, crying there
In whiskey, gin, and pints of beer
I fell for you my darling dear
Those unfamiliar with the Dropkick Murphy's may recognize this song, "I'm Shipping Up to Boston," based on poem by Woody Guthrie and featured on the The Departed soundtrack.
Fantastic band. Much love to the murphs on this irish weekend.
3.18.2007 3:07pm
TomHuff (mail):
Great band, though I think they started to go downhill circa _Blackout_.

_Sing Loud, Sing Proud_ sure was brilliant though. Even their cover of that old union folk song was impossible to dislike. And their live shows were always amazing. Pure power.
3.18.2007 4:13pm
JosephSlater (mail):
_Sing Loud, Sing Proud_ was brilliant in part BECAUSE of the pro-union song.
3.18.2007 11:55pm
Donald (mail):
I was hoping for Irish Rovers lyrics today. :-)
3.19.2007 12:12am
No Planxty?
3.19.2007 12:25am
TomHuff (mail):
"_Sing Loud, Sing Proud_ was brilliant in part BECAUSE of the pro-union song."

The Murphys did an amazing job with the song, but my conscience tells me I shouldn't be singing along with lines like "Will you be a lousy scab or will you be a man?"

(or "They say in Marlan County there are no neutrals there / you'll either be a union man or a thug for J.H. Blair")
3.19.2007 9:59pm