Blawg Review #100:

The one-hundredth edition of Blawg Review is up here.

Dave N (mail):
And under awards for 2006:

The Volokh Conspiracy gets the award for Community and Social Interaction on a law blog, for conspiring to get the most votes for the Law Blog of the Year in the 2006 Weblog Awards. Congratulations!

So I will add my Congratulations to EV, Sasha, Orin, David, Jonathan, et al. for hosting the one blog I make a point of reading on a daily basis.

And whether Blawg Review was being sarcastic or not, I'm not.
3.19.2007 2:13am
Ed. (mail) (www):
The editor of Blawg Review was being facetious, not sarcastic. :-)
3.19.2007 2:21am
Dave N (mail):
Tou are right, he "facetious" fits better than "sarcastic"--but it was late when I posted and my mind was no longer in high gear.
3.19.2007 11:26am