Jefferson's Moose:

I just got word that has started shipping copies of my book about Jefferson's moose, the Internet, and how they're connected. So now I join the ranks of published authordom, and I can start doing what every other published author of whom I'm aware does once his/her book hits the streets, namely obsessively tracking the sales ranking on Amazon . . . It's quite astonishing that a small cottage industry has emerged to let authors keep a watchful eye on the ever-changing Amazon numbers -- sites like Title Z, Rankforest, Sales Rank Express, TicTap, and dozens of others, at which you can plot, graph, compare, track, etc. etc. the hourly-updated sales figures. The process has, I'm told by others who've been through this, an oddly hypnotic power . . .

I'll spare you more book promotional hoopla -- I've already used up some VC space doing that (see chained posts), and there's a book website with more info. You can order the book here (if for some inexplicable reason you hadn't already ordered a copy). It's a good read -- I can promise you that you'll learn something interesting about Jefferson you didn't know before, and something interesting about the Internet you didn't know before, and a connection between the two you hadn't made before. As they say: "Guaranteed, or your money back." [Which always makes me ask: Are those alternative options?]

And Washington, DC VC-ers, please note -- I'm going to be talking about the book at a Cato Institute "book forum" event at noon on February 4th; Clive Crook of the Atlantic (and the Financial Times) is going to be a commentator, and it should be a fun event. If you're in the neighborhood, do come.

So you'll spare us the book promotion. As relayed in a post that amounts to a book promotion.

Ah. I see what you did there.
1.9.2009 11:34am
Cornellian (mail):
It would be interesting to see a timeline graph of booksales with pins on the dates of media events, sort of like what Google does for stock prices. So if the NYT had a review of your book on January 10, you could see the spike in sales that resulted.
1.9.2009 11:54am
Steven Romej (mail) (www):
Congratulations on your book and thanks for mentioning some of the tools available to authors curious about their sales rankings.

@Cornellian I hope to debut this feature later this year.
1.9.2009 12:44pm
DCTenor1 (www):
Thanks for the heads up, David. Your book looks very interesting. As an afficionado of Thomas Jefferson and a communications lawyer, it seems to be right up my alley. Picking up a copy!
1.9.2009 12:47pm
Voorhies (mail):
I have a sample coming to my Kindle-Looks like a good read.
1.9.2009 1:40pm
wolfefan (mail):
If publication of the book has led you to post here more often, as you've been doing of late, then it's a good thing. I always what's up with some of the conspirators who seem to post once every 18 months or so.... what's the point of that? If you don't have anything to say more often than that, just make a comment on someone else's post...

Not that I'm complaining - it's not my blog, and it's free!
1.9.2009 2:06pm
bornyesterday (mail) (www):
Is the talk going to be at Cato or hosted elsewhere? I'll have to see about taking some time off for it. Or maybe I can claim it's work related since I'm the company web guy.
[It is indeed at Cato, down on Mass. Avenue. And Jeffrey Rosen has also been confirmed as a commentator as well as Clive Crook, so it should be a lively show. DGP]
1.9.2009 2:25pm

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