Video of Testimony at Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings by David Kopel and Ilya Somin, Among Others:

It's here; thanks to InstaPundit for the pointer.

Cornellian (mail):
I'm waiting for the highlight reel. I don't want to sit through 20 minutes of some long winded Senator's speech just to get to 1 minute of something worth seeing.
7.17.2009 9:57am
Bloggers should never let themselves be seen or heard. It robs a little of their mystique. "Oh. That's him."
7.17.2009 10:02am
Daniel Chapman (mail):
Yeah, I saw EV speak once and was disappointed to learn that he was not 8 feet tall like I envisioned him =P
7.17.2009 10:44am
Cornellian, don't worry the senators know that no one watches the the substantive analysis of witnesses so they don't really ask many questions. Lazy tends to override blowhard when they don't think anyone is watching.
7.17.2009 12:05pm
skyywise (mail):
When do we get Orin back?
7.17.2009 1:03pm

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