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Environmental policy


Environmental right-to-know

The Pitfalls of the Environmental Right to Know 2005 Utah L. Rev. 805
Environmental Information: The Toxics Release Inventory, Stakeholder Participation, and the Right to Know by Alexander Volokh, Kenneth Green, and Lynn Scarlett, Reason Public Policy Institute, policy studies Nos. 246 and 247 (December 1998). The theme: environmental information laws aren't always beneficial -- they can distort understanding of risks and benefits, needlessly violate privacy, undermine trade-secret protection, possibly encourage industrial sabotage, and increase meritless litigation.
Environmental goals suffer when right-to-know laws go wrong Greater Milwaukee Business Journal, October 5, 1995 -- about the story of Charter Steel and why the Toxics Release Inventory doesn't give useful environmental information

Environmental federalism

Shades of Green Reason, May 1998 -- about how state regulators and the private sector are making environmental policy more effective and less intrusive
Race to the Top: The Innovative Face of State Environmental Management by Alexander Volokh, Lynn Scarlett, and Scott Bush, Reason Public Policy Institute, policy study No. 239 (February 1998). The theme: state governments are doing a good job of protecting the environment, relying more on problem-solving instead of punishment, better balancing different goals, allowing for flexible compliance, providing greater incentives for private stewardship, and allowing more decisions to be made at the local level than does the federal government.
Southern California Air District Parially Privatizes Permitting Program Privatization Watch, August 1996 -- about the Certified Permitting Professional program at the Southern California AQMD
Massachusetts Moves Toward Environmental Compliance Privatization Privatization Watch, August 1996 -- about the Massachusetts DEP's Environmental Results Program

Punitive damages

Punitive Damages and Environmental Law: Rethinking the Issues Reason Foundation policy study No. 213 (September 1996)
What To Do About Punitive Damages Investor's Business Daily, August 7, 1996

Environmental enforcement

Testimony before the U.S. EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance San Francisco, Calif., March 17, 1997 -- on the National Performance Measures Strategy.
Cleaning up the EPA Newport News (Va.) Daily Press, October 27, 1996 -- about a proposed environmental-crimes bill that would only make things worse
Environmental Enforcement: In Search of Both Effectiveness and Fairness by Alexander Volokh and Roger Marzulla, Reason Foundation policy study No. 210 (August 1996). The theme: environmental enforcement should focus more on results and less on punishment for its own sake, and should also respect the Bill of Rights.
Carrots over Sticks: The case for environmental self-audits Washington Monthly, June 1997 -- on the battle between the states and the federal government about audit-privilege laws
Tastes Great! More Polluting! Reason, January 1996 -- a brief piece on the usefulness of environmental audits and why the EPA opposes them

Environmental justice

Testimony before the L.A. City Planning Commission August 8, 1996 -- explaining why a provision on environmental justice should not be included in the Los Angeles general plan
Testimony before the L.A. City Council December 11, 1996 -- again explaining, this time to the full council, why a provision on environmental justice should not be included in the Los Angeles general plan


Market-based Approaches to Cleaning the Air Privatization Watch, May 1998
Libre Mercado: Protector Del Medio Ambiente by Felix Ibanez S., El Mercurio (Santiago, Chile), November 19, 1997 -- an interview with me about free-market environmentalism
Twenty-five years of American environmental regulation: Lessons for Chile delivered in Spanish at Instituto Libertad y Desarrollo, November 1997, Santiago, Chile -- click here for the Spanish text, and here for photos of the event
Twenty-five years of environmental regulation: What Americans have learned delivered in Russian at the UrbanEco 97 American-Russian Conference, "A Safe Environment for Big Cities on the Threshold of the 21st Century," February 4-6, 1997, San Diego, Ca. -- click here for the Russian text
Ban Chlorine? Let's Hope EPA Steers Clear of Fuzzy Logic Knight-Ridder Financial News, September 9, 1994 -- about the environmental fallacies of the movement to ban chlorine
Jefferson Group Weighs Risk CEI UpDate, February 1994 -- a report on a meeting of the Jefferson Group, a CEI-sponsored group of policy wonks who met to discuss environmental risk issues
Don't apply human morality to the amorality of nature UCLA Daily Bruin, January 19, 1990

Book reviews

Nature's Nature Reason, July 1995 -- book review of A Moment on the Earth: The Coming Age of Environmental Optimism by Gregg Easterbrook
How Green Is Our Valley? Reason, March 1995 -- book review of Nature's Web: Rethinking Our Place on Earth by Peter Marshall, No Turning Back: Dismantling the Fantasies of Environmental Thinking by Wallace Kaufman, and The Green Crusade: Rethinking the Roots of Environmentalism by Charles T. Rubin

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