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One of the best things about being a new blogger is getting to link Mark Steyn, this time on John Edwards:

I don’t care about Edwards’ dad and his heartwarming, sepia-hued vignettes any more than I cared about the mythical ”coatless girl” he used to cite in his primary speeches: a wee shivering thing whose coatlessness was supposedly a result of Bush-Cheney reducing her parents to poverty. I offered to buy a coat for any authentically coatless girl the campaign managed to produce. Not the most generous offer on my part — girls’ winter coats are $9.99 at Wal-Mart — but the Edwards camp never took me up on it. Do you recognize this Dickensian image of America? It’s true there are some folks who are having a tough time finding work in certain Rust Belt states. In 2003, the U.S. unemployment rate was 6 percent, which is considered high. In Canada it was 7.8 percent; France 9.7 percent; Germany 10.5 percent — and in the last two cases these levels are permanent features of the landscape, as they would be in America if the Democrats ever get the opportunity to impose the Franco-German high-cost social welfare/government health care system John Kerry admires so much. America’s ”bright light” isn’t ”flickering.” It’s Europe where the lights are about to go out, permanently.

So, when John Edwards starts doing his John-Boy Walton routine, I say put a sock in it. If necessary, borrow a sock from the coatless girl, if her dad hasn’t sold her socks to raise the trolley-car fare to send her for an interview for the chimney sweep’s job at the robber baron’s mansion on the other side of town.

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