The 3d Debate Transcript.–

Here is the transcript of the 3d debate. Bob Schieffer comes off looking like he’s from the same shop that gave us the forged Killian memos and the email draft hoax–what a coincidence, he is.

Given Teresa(“no blood for oil”) Heinz Kerry, the only hard question John Kerry got all night was “I’d like to ask each of you, what is the most important thing you’ve learned from these strong women?”–and Kerry got to listen to Bush’s answer first.

UPDATE: — OK, so Kerry should have answered the question about what he learned from his strong wife in this way (I’m recylcing a joke I heard last spring):

[What KERRY might have said]: I developed my economic plan for the country from interacting with both my wives. Now I just need to find a rich country for the US to marry.

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