Private Equity Law Textbook? Desperately Seeking …

I’m late ordering books for my spring class on private equity and venture capital, and am desperately trying to figure out if there might finally be a law school text on this topic.  The constraints are the following…. below the fold.  (ps.  The advice folks gave me on my earlier question re law and econ for a first year course was very helpful, thanks.)

There are several excellent practicing lawyer books – Levin’s book, for example, but they are really only usable by lawyers with much experience and usually (eg Levin) partnership tax as a background, which is hardly any law students.  In addition, I simply can’t ask students to pay $300 or so dollars for a book aimed usually at a practicing lawyer’s office library.

In the past, I have used Josh Lerner’s business school casebook, which I like except for that fact that it is not a law book, and contains very little law.  So it is expensive but doesn’t get used for many of its key points in a law school class.  And the law part gets cobbled together out of unpublished stuff I have around.  I’d like to get away from this.

For some reason, I have this idea that someone finally came out with a law school textbook in this subject, but I can’t locate it online anywhere, so maybe I am mistaken.  If anyone has any idea, I would be very grateful – if only to stop looking frantically and just cobble stuff together yet again.

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