Against Climate McCarthyism

Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus have had enough of efforts to stifle debate over climate change policy, particularly by those who solicit quotes to “trash” those who don’t toe the party line.  Roger Pielke, Jr. would add those who selectively edit their comment threads.

UPDATE: The primary point of the post is to highlight Shellenberger & Nordhaus’ commentary on “the state of the liberal debate about climate change”: “Those who question apocalyptic predictions are treated as global warming deniers or traitors or worse. Those who advocate solutions other than cap-and-trade have their characters assassinated.”  Exhibit A in their post is the treatment of those who believe climate change is a serious problem, as they do, yet nonetheless question the desirability of cap-and-trade, targets and timetables, etc.  The furor over SuperFreakonomics is a recent example.  Their post notes some others.

SECOND UPDATE: Those who think my post is a defense of climate change skepticism may wish to re-read my February 2008 post on  “Climate Change, Cumulative Evidence, and Ideology.” Like Shellenberger, Nordhaus, and Pielke, I believe climate change is a serious policy concern.

THIRD UPDATE: Brad DeLong responds in the comments below, as well as in this post.  My response can be found here.

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