Getting Blog Posts (for the Conspiracy and Other RSS-Producing Blogs) in Your Outlook Inbox

I just came across a way of doing this that works for Microsoft Outlook 2007 users — it might be obvious to many of you, but I hadn’t known this was possible. Go to Tools / Account Settings / RSS Feeds, click on New, enter the RSS address (for us, it’s, click on Change Folder when that option comes up, and set the target folder to be the Inbox.

The posts will then appear in your inbox, one item per post, with each author’s name, the post’s proper title, and so on. There’ll even be a special icon, substituting from the normal open or closed envelope, marking this as something delivered via an RSS feed. The effect is much the same as if you got the posts by e-mail.

This can also be done by hitting the Subscribe button in the right sidebar and making the proper selections, but my sense is that the way I suggest above is easier both for you to use and for me to describe.

In any case, I’ve done it, and it works for me; let me know, please, how it works for you, if you’re interested in getting posts this way. Also, I assume that some other e-mail programs besides Outlook have ways of doing the same thing — if you know how to do it in those programs, please post the instructions. Thanks!

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