Joyce Foundation Funded OSU 2nd Amendment Center Expires

Professor Joseph Olson has confirmed that the Ohio State University’s Second Amendment Research Center has apparently expired. In the words of Monty Python, it is an ex-Center. Its URL [] is out of service and the OSU operator had no information. The Center’s director, historian Saul Cornell, this year moved on to a chair at Fordham University, and his vita shows the dates of the SARC to be 2002-2008.

This “scholarly” center was one of the initiatives funded by the Joyce Foundation to support writings that opposed the academic consensus that had previously arisen that the original meaning of the Second Amendment protected an individual right. Readers of this blog will remember the infamous Joyce Foundation funded symposium at Chicago Kent from which any dissenting scholars were excluded in the interest of “balancing” all the rest of Second Amendment scholarship. Apparently, its scholarly purpose having been exhausted by the decision in Heller, it has ceased its scholarly mission. It is no more.

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