Sunday Song Lyric

It’s cold and gray in northeast Ohio.  The snow’s stopped, but everything’s still blanketed in white.  Still, it’s not such a bad place to be.  I’m reminded of the opening line of “Winter Passing” by The Academy Is . . . (Yes, their name includes the elipsis.)  “Winter Passing” was released as a single in December 2008 and is usually performed acoustically at live shows.  It’s supposed to be a “holiday” song (albeit a melancholy one), but I have yet to take down our icicle lights so I think it’s not too late to post it. Here are the first two verses:

It’s winter again,
A white-washed and frozen sky.
I came to the door,
Eyes maladjusted from the light,
But your voice rang clear.

You said, “For all I thought I’d ever need,
It’s hard to face the holidays without.”
Well, I’ve left my last message on your machine.
It’s hard to face the holidays when you’re looking for the words to say.

Here are the full lyrics, the video, and a live acoustic version.

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