Saturdays with Stendhal 3

From The Red and the Black, Volume I, Chapter 34, The Hotel de la Mole (free translation), and yes, I will manage to get it back to Saturdays!:

The abbe Pirard to Julien …  “The Marquis does not like scribblers bloggers, I warn you; it is his one antipathy.  Know Latin, Greek if you can, the history of the Egyptians, of the Persians, and so forth; he will honour you and protect you as a scholar.  But do not go and write a single page in French blog post at Volokh Conspiracy or anywhere else, especially upon grave subjects, that are above your position in society; he would call you a scribbler blogger and take a dislike to you.  What, living in a great nobleman’s mansion, don’t you know the Duc de Castries’s saying about d’Alembert and Rousseau: ‘That sort of fellow wishes to argue blog about everything, and that other wishes to comment extravagantly and betimes rudely on everything at the blog, and neither has a thousand crowns a year?'”

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