Sunday Song Lyric

Some standards are standards for a reason.  “You Go to My Head” is one of those songs.  Written by J. Fred Coots (music) and Haven Gillespie (lyrics) in 1938, its been recorded by everyone from Judy Garland and Marlene Dietrich to Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra, to Rod Stewart and Bryan Ferry.  The Billie Holiday recording is among the better known, and the Diana Krall recording is also quite good.  Here’s a bit of the lyrics.

You go to my head,
And you linger like a haunting refrain
And I find you spinning round in my brain
Like the bubbles in a glass of champagne.

You go to my head
Like a sip of sparkling burgundy brew
And I find the very mention of you
Like the kicker in a julep or two.

Full lyrics may be found here.