Starting next week, I’m going to be dividing some of my blogging time as I try out co-blogging over at SCOTUSblog. SCOTUSblog is bolstering its commentary and analysis role, and as a part of that I’m going to be blogging over there occasionally about various aspects of the Court’s criminal law docket (and especially the Fourth Amendment and consitutional criminal procedure cases). My initial plan is to either cross-post those contributions at the VC or at least link to them to alert readers here. Of course, as with many blogging developments, this is an experiment. My previous forays into solo blogging and another group blog didn’t last very long, so we’ll see how this one goes, too. But I’m excited about the opportunity: SCOTUSblog has been one of my daily reads for years, and I think it has a unique and important niche in the legal blogging world.

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