The Banning of “DontAsk”

“DontAsk” has been one of the nastier commenters we’ve had here at the VC. He presents himself as a very conservative commenter who thinks liberals are idiots and liars, and he sees it as his job to point that out as directly and frequently as he can. Following an exchange this afternoon, I decided to ban him: His comments were almost all disgust and anger with very little identifiable substance. But I had a feeling he wouldn’t go easily. Indeed, he keeps coming back with a new screenname and posting nasty comments; I then delete them, and he comes back with a new screenname and posts another nasty comment; I delete them, he comes back, etc. We’ve gone about 10 rounds of this in the last few hours. Does anyone want to guess how long “Dontask” (or whatever he decides to call himself) will keep it up?

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