Larry Tribe to DOJ

This is from late February, but I don’t think I have seen it reported elsewhere (although I may have just missed it):

Laurence Tribe ’66, the Carl M. Loeb University Professor at Harvard, has been named Senior Counselor for Access to Justice in the Department of Justice, and he will lead a newly launched initiative aimed at improving access to civil and criminal legal services.

. . . Tribe will be a primary liaison to the federal judiciary, and will work with federal, state, and tribal judiciaries in strengthening fair, impartial, and independent adjudication. He will also exchange information with foreign ministries of justice and judicial systems regarding efforts to provide access to justice, as part of the DOJ’s existing international efforts to promote fair and impartial law enforcement and adjudication. . . .

Tribe will begin his tenure at the DOJ on March 1 and will officially report to Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli ’91.

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