“When Numbers Get Serious, You See Their Shape Everywhere”

The Green Bag 2d has just published my The Numbers of the Constitution, a puzzle that begins:

To what do the following numbers refer in the United States Constitution? …




Three numbers greater than 1000:

Check out the whole item. Thanks to Larry Arnold, Linus Richard Banghart-Linn, Andrew Braniff, Abe Delnore, Peter Durant, Zachary Elwyn, Bryan Gividen, Matt Glassman, Dan Harper, Shaun Hickson, Bart Jacka, Chris Kaiser, Brian Kalt, Don Kilmer, Arne Langsetmo, Ira B. Matetsky, Derek Muller, Allen Pulsifer, Steve Rappoport, Daniel Tilley, Seth Barrett Tillman, Hanah Metchis Volokh, Sasha Volokh, and Jeff Walden for their advice and beta testing.

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